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Linesman workers may familiarize themselves with these revisions and it’s important that employers align their safety programs with the Lineman Safety Standards and changes to them.



3-point harnesses are designed for use in applications requiring a work positioning element, such as for telecoms engineers.

Pioneer™ 3-Point Harness



4 point chin strap harness that fits the JSP EVOLite and EVO2, EVO3, EVO5 safety helmets.​

EVO® Quick Release 4 Point Linesman Harness


2m Adjustable Work Positioning Lanyard with Rope Grab

2m work positioning lanyard with non-openable aluminium rope grab with 2 screw gate connectors in alloy steel. Rope ends stitched and covered with polyethylene protective sleeve


Twin Tool Lanyard

Stretch twin lanyard made with high visibility 16mm tubular webbing. Complete with lightweight connector for attachment to user’s belt, the tool lanyard is convenient for holding multiple tools safely. Max 10kg.


Single Tool Lanyard

Convenient stretch lanyard for tool holding, made from highly visible 16mm tubular webbing. Max 10kg.

Safety does not come with lucky. It has to be PREPARED!

Safety Reminder

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