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The Pioneer™ range comes in a combination of black and grey for ease of identification between the shoulder and leg straps. Pioneer™ harnesses are equipped with unique features that provide full comfort and ergonomics to the wearer

Pioneer™ 2-Point QR Harness


5m wire self-retractable lifeline in robust and durable plastic casing, equipped with steel swivel snap hook connector, and screw gate aluminium connector at anchorage point.

5m Wire Self-Retractable Lifeline


2m Webbing Anchorage Sling

Temporary flexible horizontal anchor line for spans of between 3m and 20m. Very easy to install (can be installed by one person). Tested for use for up to 2 persons.


Twin Tool Lanyard

Stretch twin lanyard made with high visibility 16mm tubular webbing. Complete with lightweight connector for attachment to user’s belt, the tool lanyard is convenient for holding multiple tools safely. Max 10kg.


Single Tool Lanyard

Convenient stretch lanyard for tool holding, made from highly visible 16mm tubular webbing. Max 10kg.

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