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H4LO is a safety awareness device that alerts the user when there is a risk of unintentional contact or
overhead entrapment while operating a MEWP (mobile elevated work platform).

H4LO is worn by the user rather than a device fitted to the MEWP.

H4LO attaches to a specific safety helmet and doesn’t rely on the MEWP having an additional safety
device fitted.


The use of MEWP’s can save time, make work at height more efficient, effective and safer than using traditional methods of access. Unfortunately, accidents involving MEWP’s occur, including tragically some fatalities, some have involved users being crushed while accessing their work area or working at height near obstructions. These incidents could have been avoided by thorough planning, selection of the appropriate equipment, professional training and by using the innovative H4LO awareness device.

There are over 1.5million MEWPS currently in global rental fleets and more than 90% of these are nonfitted with any anti entrapment or safety devices to alert the user of potential overhead obstructions. The H4LO attachment offers a cost effective solution to every user of MEWPS worldwide.

IN 2016 there were 66 reported fatalities involving MEWP’s worldwide, the main causes were falls from height , entrapment, electrocution and overturn of machinery. Entrapment accounted for 18% of the reported fatalities in 2016, worryingly this is trending upwards from 16% in 2015. These figures together with the increasing number of injuries and near misses specific to unintentional contact, crushing or entrapment highlights the need to find a solution to this issue.

H4LO offers a solution to help reduce this risk.


H4LO is worn by the user


Can be used on any MEWP regardless of age or manufacturer

LED flashing lights  


Can be seen from the ground confirms the unit is active

Built in audible system


Alerts the user to overhead obstructions

Lithium-ion battery


52 hours between charges

USB built in charger


Global plug in

Cost effective Price


Less than 10% cost of MEWP alternative device

Movement sensor


 Audible system goes to standby until movement is detected

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